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Welcome to the India Tug of War Wiki


You will use this wiki to post your research on Modern vs Traditional India







Tug of War:



Modern vs. Traditional



In our age of rapid globalization, the modern and traditional meet with often surprising and not so surprising results. In India, the deep-rooted culture of the subcontinent has met the high tech global age. This activity will explore this diverse and dynamic culture as old meets new.


Objective: Design a Wiki that depicts the “tug of war” between modern and traditional in South Asia.


Work in pairs and choose from the list of topics below. You may need to further define and narrow your topic.





Secular vs. sacred

Ramayana alternative endings

Spiritual world meets the material world




The caste system

The role of women

Dating and marriage

Youth in India,

2nd generation Indian/Americans

Sports - Traditional vs. Modern






Poverty vs. development

Rural vs. urban


Art, Language and Literature:







Science and Tech:


Communication (Cell phones)






Through at least 2 large quality visuals with written captions, show the “tug of war” between traditional and modern.


In a single paragraph, describe the contrast and/or conflict.




India Wiki Scoring Rubric




_____ (3)  Original title.  First name, last initial and section right below title

_____ (7) Introductory paragraph develops contrast and/or conflict, explains reasons for topic choice

_____ (4)  At least 2 large quality images, (high resolution), URL cited

_____ (8) Visual images with captions,  captures “tug of war”

_____ (8) “Mock dialogue” between characters/persons representing both sides in the tradition vs. modernity tug of war.  Be imaginative and creative.

______ 30 pts.




Click on the Period, Day, Group # to begin creating your page:

2A1 = Period 2, A day, Group 1



A2 A3  A4 B3  B4 
GA21  GA31  GA41  GB31  GB41 


GA32  GA42  GB32 GB42 
GA23  GA33  GA43  GB33 GB43 
GA24  GA34 GA44  GB34  GB44
GA25  GA35  GA45  GB35  GB45 
GA26  GA36 GA46  GB36  GB46 
GA27  GA37   GA47  GB37 GB47 
GA28 GA38  GA48


GA29 GA39    GB39 GB49
GA210 GA310    GB310 GB410
GA211 GA311   GB311 GB411
GA212 GA312    GB312 GB412
GA213 GA313    GB313 GB413
GA214     GB314 GB414


















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