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Page history last edited by Alicia Stephen 9 years, 3 months ago

Spiraling into a New Era?


Michelle Zhang


Alicia Stephen



Traditional Indian dance is known for its repetitiveness and uniform structure



Modern Indian dance is well-known for its surprising new twists and catchy tunes   



     Dance has always been an important part of Indian culture.  However, as time went on different dances came about, changing Indian culture in both positive and negative ways. Traditional dances, for one, are more spiritual, while modern dances are for entertainment and movies. Modern dance is influenced by traditional dance, taking the same moves and creating an easier variation. More and more people want to see more modern dances than traditional as time goes on. Modern dance (contemporary) cannot be defined as easily as traditional Indian dance. The moves in modern dance are not as repetitive as traditional dance moves. The history of modern Indian dance is much shorter than traditional Indian dance. In modern Indian dances, the dance is created first, and the music is based off that.  In traditional dances, it is the opposite where the music shapes the dance. The music used for traditional dances is more uniformed, poetic, and disciplined.  Modern dances are danced to more fresh music and are up-to-date with the Western world. Costumes, as well as the dance styles themselves, are also of great variation. Classical costumes do not have much of a variation; it has been the same for many years.  On the other hand, modern dances have no rules in terms of costumes. These two dance types are very different, but they are all something unique of their own. The question is: Is it possible to maintain both while moving into a new era?






Aarya: Hey, are you excited for the dance performance tonight?


Navina: Why, yes I am! I can't wait to see all the different dances!


Aarya: Well.... I don't want to see classical!


Navina: Why not? That's, like, my favorite!


Aarya: WHAT? Classical? It's so.... boring.


Navina: WHAT? Boring? No, it's not. It's so poetic, and full of meaning...


Aarya: Yeah, yeah, but it's not that fun to watch. I like Western stuff! It's so modern and interesting!


Navina: But what about our traditions? I thought you liked dance class!


Aarya: Nah, not really. My parents only forced me to do it. Now I want to be a modern dancer! Like in Bollywood movies!


Navina: Really? You didn't like it? I think it's fun!


Aarya: Nah, whatever.




Aarya: Oh, gosh! Classical is up next! UUUUGGGGHHH!


Navina: Ah! Just give it a chance! It's not that bad.


Aarya:  Alright, whatever...




Aarya: Oh, my gosh! This is so lame!


Navina: But, but, but-


Aarya: No! I'm leaving!





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