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Styles and Fashion

Breanna A. & Makenzie C.

B4 Studies



                                                                                                                    This is a picture of a Traditional Indian Sari. You see that the Sari                                                                                                                      consist of long shirt,heels and loose pants. They both are designed with                                                                                                                      traditional Indian patterns.                     


Modern  (Down)                                                                             




The 2 farthest to the left are the most modern out of the 3 pictures. They don't                                          Traditional  (Up) 

have sleeves and they don't necessarily have the dupatta, but they still do have    

the pants and the sari. The picture to the right, is just like the traditional

on one farthest to the right, everything is the same except for the pants are a little

bit tighter and the sari is shorter.












And we chose this topic because it seemed like it would be the topic that has been the most advanced, but that wasn't the case at all, traditional and modern still have a lot of similarities. Modern clothing is somewhat just like here in the U.S.A.From the 2 pictures above you can kind of see the difference between modern day and traditional clothing. The three different pictures that falls under modern shows three different styles; the two pictures that are farthest to the left still has earth tone colors and designs but the style has been modified, it has no sleeves, and they have nothing around their neck area, but they still have the pants under their sari. The farthest to the right of the modern pictures and the traditional pictures have a lot in common, but if you were to pay attention closely you can tell that the pants are tighter, and the heels could be a little higher in the picture, the sari is a little bit shorter than the traditional sari and they no longer have the dupatta around the neck. But the traditional style has been modified to appeal to the younger people, or maybe sometimes the older people, it seems like the fashion has not changed a lot, but the style or how you wear it has not has not changed a lot.







Like mentioned above, both sets of clothing have a colorful and unique design to them which sets Indian fashion trends apart from any other culture's. In Indian clothing, for the women, there is a knee length top, with pants that match. In the two pictures above, you see the traditional Indian patterns. Similar patterns are found in just about all Indian clothing that is made. Modern and traditional have saris which either wraps around the woman's neck, head or shoulders. For the most part, all of the clothing is designed to keep the women looking modest but pretty. In terms of the accessories to go with the outfits, all the outfits consist of some type of heavy jewelry(necklace, earrings, and bangles/bracelet).




Mock Dialogue


Indian mom- Aasha (traditional)

Indian daughter- Kali (modern)



Kali: MOOOM !


Aasha: Yes Kali?


Kali: Can i get the new SALWAR and KAMEEZ?


Aasha: Depends, what do they look like?


Kali: Oh you know, they look like the regular salwar and sari, but the salwar are just a little bit tighter, and the sari is just a little bit shorter.


Aasha: you know I don't let you wear those type of things in this household.


Kali: Fine, I won't be in this "HOUSEHOLD" when i wear them.


Aasha: The answer is no.


Kali: MOOOM, you're so traditional, it's time to turn modern now it is 2011.


Aasha: No, I like the traditional way and what's the purpose of wearing tight clothes anyways?


Kali: They're not tight and the purpose is so i won't look like a grandma when i go to school!


Aasha: Are you trying to say i look like a grandma?


Kali: If that's how you take it mom.


Aasha: Fine, if i get you one then I'm getting two ! Neither one of us will look like  grandma.


Kali: Like you actually have anywhere to go grandma! LOL. (:


Aasha: What did you say Kali?


Kali: Oh nothing mom.



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