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Modern Dating Vs. Traditional Marriage

Aditya Y.

Adi G.



     Dating and marriage are one of the most controversial topics within modern India. From farming families, to city folk, these two things affect every young person's lives. Whether its arguments with parents, or going along with what they say, it is very rare to avoid these, especially the tradition of marriage. We have chosen this topic to explore within the minds of the youth that resides within modern India, and wi ll one day face these conflicts. These persistent ancient beliefs have interestingly impacted the majority of citizens within India. Lately, there has been a decline in the acceptance of traditional arranged marriages.



This picture signifies the modern clash between traditional Indian culture and India today.



     The majority of older generation Indians frown upon the idea of "love marriages". In fact, the divorce rate of Indian marriages is only 2%, compared to the 50% of the world's love marriages. Indians use that fact as their defense. The modern age creates an atmosphere which says that love marriages should be accepted because it gives the youth much more independence. However, many parents argue, saying that marriage is the most important decision of one's life, and cannot be left to children. Our group has chosen this topic to discover whether love is legal or not within the minds of Indian citizens. We have dived into this journey, to see if we can make a dent in the mystery between modern and traditional India.

  Love is not illegal. This simple quote is the biggest argument for all young adults in India that are in love. 

Fights often break out within families over this trivial issue of marriage. 





                    Traditional Marriage                                                                                                              Modern Marriage



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Mock Dialogue:


Mother: It's time for you to get married.


Daughter: Actually mom, I have something to confess. I love someone and i want you to bless us in marriage.


Mother: You must stick to our traditions and customs. This is what is wrong with the youth of India. They think that they can love a person, and then just get married without talking to their parents.


Daughter: How do you expect me to marry someone I barely know instead of someone I can call a significant other? I would rather be happy for the rest of my life then follow these failing traditions.


Mother: I can't believe my own daughter would say that our traditions are failing. After all, arranged marriages have barely a 2% divorce rate, while your so called "love" marriages fail much more. These marriages are real failures because kids like you don't listen to their parents.


Daughter: Don't you want me to be happy?!


Mother: Your father and I have decided what is best for you. You are still a child, not knowing what is best for your life. Love will grow itself after marriage, as well as your happiness. Look at me and your father, look how happy we are.























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