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Native to Creative

By: Ahsan A. & Harbir B.



     Transportation is a necessity in every place in the world no matter where one lives. People's first modes of transportation were their own two feet or animals. Over time India has constantly been invaded by foreigners and this has influenced the culture of this country to a great extent. This mix of culture has now introduced new modes of transportation to this socially, and culturally diverse country. India must know decide whether to modernize their transportation systems or to stay with a more traditional stand. Those who are for modernization of transportation in India argue that by doing so India will finally be able to compete in the world economy with its full potential. On the other hand the dispute against modernization is that not all people can afford the new transportation, it pollute the environment, and other religious reasons. We choose this topic because we wanted to find out how India will respond to this pressing topic and how they will attempt to satisfy both sides




Caption: The elephant a typical mode of transportation                                          Caption: Tata Motors, is making new types of cars to

in traditional India.                                                                                               modernize Indian transportation.




Rick Shah came from India on a student loan.  He used to drive a rickshaw for some extra money to support his family. He loved the way it helped out the ecosystem by producing virtually no fumes. Rick also liked to run and help other people get from one destination to another. When he came to America he met a guy named Ford Chevy who believed that cars were the best and most efficient way to travel. Rick’s view and Ford’s view were quite different and there started the argument.


Rick:  “I recently came from India and I believe rickshaws are the best way to travel because they help save our precious ecosystem and also promote good health. “


Ford:  “I strongly disagree, rickshaws are the old way, it’s out with the old and in with the new. “


Rick: “How? Support you argument! Kind sir. “


Ford: “Ok, first of all, If we all used rickshaws it would take days to travel distances that can be covered by car in a matter of hours. “


Rick: “I see your point, but cars harm the ecosystem!”


Ford: “dear, friend I also agree with your point, but transportation would regress back to the pilgrims days! “


Rick: “Good point, maybe we need an eco friendly car! “


Ford: “Sounds good let’s start on the blueprints now! “










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