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What is their job now?

Emma H. and Anastasia M. B4



The role of women in India has changed greatly over time. Women originally had an equal role with men, then they were downgraded to a far less superior role, and now the women in Indian society are on a rise to having an equal role with men again. Many citizens of India have opposite views on what the role of women should be now. Some believe that Indian women should remain as house wives. Under this belief, the women should stay at home, cook, clean, take care of the family, keep the traditional Indian traditions and aspects of life alive, play a supporting role, and be inferior to men in every aspect. Other people of India have a view that is contradicting to the traditional role of women. This modern view is supportive of women receiving an education, entering the workforce, not following the traditional role of women to its entirety, and being independent and having an equal status as men. The “tug of war” between the traditional and modern role of Indian women has caused great controversy and conflict within this country.























Staying at home, cooking meals for the whole family, and 

taking part in traditional India society is what is expected of

the family women in Indian society     






Indra Nooyi is a women born in India who has

decided to take on the modern role of women.

She has received a high level of education

and has become the CEO of PepsiCo. 

Branching out from her traditional roots has

allowed Indra to become one of the highest

paid CEOs in the United States and a role

model to the supporters of the modernization

of the role of  women in India.







Viju supports the traditional roles of women in India

Aishwarya supports more modern views of Indian women


Viju:  Women in India have a duty to their families:  They should provide for them by staying at home, taking care of the children, cooking, and cleaning. 

Aishwarya:  But Viju, women have just much of a right as men to work outside the home.

Viju:  Aishwarya, the business world is no place for women.  They have a duty to stay home and take care of their family.

Aishwarya:  Men are just as capable as women of staying home and taking care of the house and family.

Viju:  It has always been this way and it has worked well for thousands of years.  Men go to work and women stay home with the family.  There's nothing wrong with that; we each have our duty and we must carry it out.

Aishwarya:  Women were not made solely to stay home and help around the house.  Both cleaning, cooking, and the like and work outside the home are important jobs that both need to be done.  It doesn't matter if they're done by men or women. 

Viju:  Well, we both have our own opinions, and that's okay. 

Aishwarya:  Yes, we each can live our lives however we want. 


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