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Will The Dates Determine Their Fates?

Anastasia G. & Ayesha K.



In India, the argument between dating and marriage gets very heated. This is because almost all parents have to deal with the devastating moment when their son or daughter tells them that they have found "the one." We have chosen this topic because whether it’s the strict parents or the modernized child, we know people who are just like them. Even though centuries have passed, the idea of arranged marriage is still influencing India today. Families that consist of older members have it worse because they are completely against the idea of their grandchildren choosing their own partner. It is tradition to have the parents decide who their child’s spouse will be and according the elders, it’s the parents’ duty only. Another interesting thing about India’s idea about arranged marriage is the impact that it has on the person who is actually supposed to get married. Growing up in today’s generation has caused children to believe that it is their personality and spunk that determines who they are bound to spend the rest of their lives with – in India, it is their obedience towards their parents. This is because everyone wants their son and daughter to be wedded into a suitable family in which people are polite and submissive. 


Below is a possible conversation between a daughter debating with her dad about who she will marry.


Father: Papa

Daughter: Pooja


Papa: No, Pooja, you cannot marry him! For goodness sake, we don't even know his family!

Pooja: But Papa! He's all I ever wanted! (cries)

Papa: No! This will be a joke for those around us. YOU will be a joke. Do you really want that?

Pooja: Papa, I really think that it's worth -

[Papa cuts off..]

Papa: You really think that, that..thing is worth it? Your mother and I have spent our whole lives providing for you and this is what we get?

Pooja: But..

Papa: No Pooja. Never have I been so disappointed with you. How could you do this to us?

Pooja: (cries)

Papa: What would your grandparents think? All they ever dreamed of was for you to marry a suitable young man and you come home with this?

Pooja: He is a suitable young man, Papa! He really is!

Papa: No. You will marry someone of my choice and that is final.



This is a visual of two people who were part of an arranged marriage



This is an example of people dating before marriage.

Even though people are still wearing the classic Indian wedding outfits today, it doesn't necessarily mean that their wedding wasn't arranged by their parents.


This is tug of war. It is fierce. It is real.












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