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Where do you Want to Live?

By: Arsyad Santosa and Jeremy Chao, A2



     Where would you want to live? Would you live in the rural life of India, or would you want to live in the developing urban areas? India is working hard to modernize which in turn will lead to more urban societies, but over 70% of India is still rural. More people are constantly moving into urban areas because of the technology. The problem is if urbanizing is the way to go, only urban areas are receiving technology such as telecommunications. This brings pressure for people in the rural areas to live in the urban areas. One of the major conflicts would be the use of water. In urban areas, water is needed for development while in rural areas,water is needed for irrigation in crops. India's water supply is already really low and with both rural and urban areas tapping into the supply, water becomes more scarce. We chose the topic "Rural vs. Urban" because we mostly hear about the rural side of India, but we want to know whats going on in the urban areas and what problems it has with the rural areas.




2 High Resolution Pictures





                         Do you want to live HERE?                         










                                                                                                                                                                    Or HERE?







"Tug of War" Aspect


Which Would You Do?


Modern Indians work in this clean and luxurious 

office building, and they get paid well.








                                                                                                                                                     Traditional Indians work on a field,

                                                                                                                                                           like this one in Andhra Pradesh,

                                                                                                                                                        and do not get paid well.






Traditional Indians wear this type

of clothes everyday.






                                                                                                                                          Modern Indians wear this nice tricked-out

                                                                                                                                           collar shirt that the new generation wears.







Mock Dialogue 

Between Sanjay (Dad) and Raj (Son)

Takes Place in the House

Raj: Dad, I want to become a successful business man like Donald Trump.

Sanjay: No son, we Indians have to keep our tradition and go back to India to take care of our fields and villages.

Ray: Wait, so you want me to move back to traditional India, instead of staying here in the modern light?

Sanjay: Yes you do, it is our duty to go back to our family and keep our ways, before it disappears.  

 Raj: Oh, by the way dad, these Indian clothes are not worth wearing.

Sanjay: Son, again with your freaking modern mind, these clothes describe who we are and what our tradition is.

Raj: Yea but Nike and Adidas clothes are very worth while.

Sanjay: Never mind that stuff, let me see your Zangle.

Raj: Sure dad, I have all A's.

Sanjay: Lets see, A in Math, A in Bio, wait a minute, a 99.5% on your Biology test???

Raj: What is so bad dad.

Sanjay: Son, you have to be perfect, no more hanging out with friends or things like that, you are grounded for another week.

Raj: What!?!?!?!

Sanjay: Son, if you just get one wrong on any of your exams, you have to follow our Indian culture for life!


This dialogue represents that the new generation of Indians want to be more modern and follow things that Americans do like hang out at the mall or wear a normal shirt with shorts or pants.  Sanjay wants to keep his tradition of India alive and he does not want his culture to disappear. He wants his son to work hard and keep the tradition going from generation to generation.



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