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Page history last edited by De'Chelle Richards 9 years, 2 months ago

Women of the Past and Present-Day  


De'Chelle R.

Christina V.

Mr. Gallagher -A2

Due: 13 May 2011


A lovely, hard-working, traditional Indian housewife smiles along with many other housewives. 


     Although there have been many successful woman in Indian Civilization, the role of woman continue to change. Women, even with their contributions to households, continue to be deprived by the male species. Dr. Rekha Singh speaks of the Muslim culture, and explains that the only way for woman to gain complete and utter equality to men, is by economic slavery, ignorance, and illiteracy to be removed. Back then, women's only intentions were to keep households together and fulfill their husband's every need. Now woman have every intention to gain success and respect. Compared to the past, there are plenty more woman applying for high profile jobs. Society is now forced to accept the fact that woman are becoming a family's main income. Not saying that people agree with what the women of India do, but now, woman finally have some say in what goes on. For example, Rakhi Sawant writes about how women's input into work have become equal to the input of men in the same profession, sometimes. The number of women lawyers and doctors continue to increase. Rapid change in culture, society, and civilization continue to take place. We decided to choose this topic because we don't think that women are acknowledged enough in the Indian society. Typical women are seen as servants of the household and inferior to men; they have no freedom.


Women working at a construction site by carrying loads of bricks and cement upon there heads. These ladies are working outside of their household lives and taking on jobs men would do in a traditional Indian society. Most likely, these women are the main source of income for their families as well.




This is an Indian doctor who does not follow the traditional ways

of staying within the household and not pursuing their dreams,

but rather follows her dreams and works with independence.




      This is a conversation between a normal housewife, Shreya, and her niece, Samantha, who's a project manager in the IT field.


  • Samantha: Hello auntie, how are you? 
  • Shreya: I'm fine, how about you?
  • Samantha: I'm okay, but my job is getting very stressful. So many people don't do what they're suppose to do.
  • Shreya: You should just get married and become a housewife. Then all you would have to do is take care of the family, clean the house, and cook.
  • Samantha: But, then I would have no experience in the outer world; I would be closed in. I don't want to be inferior to men . I want to be independent.
  • Shreya: A life within the household would be one with no worries unlike yours.
  • Samantha: But a housewife's life consists of limited freedom.
  • Shreya: In today's generation, the more they become free, the less they respect. That limited freedom shows you how to respect men and elders.
  • Samantha: But auntie, men and elders respect you when you have that freedom and independence.
  • Shreya: With a job like yours, you don't have time to spend with your family.
  • Samantha: Girls need to stand on their feet, so they don't have to depend on family if something happens. And besides, men are dogs anyway.
  • Shreya: Men care for their wives and take care of their young, which is why they are so protective.
  • Samantha: Auntie, I don't want to be protected. I want to experience life, and if I make mistakes, then so be it.
  • Shreya: Okay Samantha, I don't want to argue with you. I love you, and I'll let you live your life the way you choose. Just be careful.
  • Samantha: Okay and I won't oppose the way you live yours. I love you too :)
  • Shreya: Okay, I have to finish cooking dinner. I'll see you when you get off of work.
  • Samantha: Okay, bye. <3




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