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Page history last edited by Gabriela Vasilescu 9 years, 2 months ago

Indian Clothing 

Traditional or Modern?

Gabriela V.

Nathan F.


     There are many differences and similarities between modern and traditional Indian clothing because styles have changed significantly throughout the years. Traditional clothing is very intricately decorated, and modern clothing, while still detailed, is much more simplified. Although the clothing that is more decorate is used for ceremonies, the every-day clothing is still very unique compared to what we usually wear. Not only are woman clothing traditional or modern, so are men. Some special clothing men may wear are on weddings and called a Sherwani. There are many special artist for Indian clothing through out the world, but many different regions have different type of styles. A Saree is an example of traditional Indian clothing that is worn by women.






                     Traditional                                     VS.                                   Modern



mother: WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!!!???!?

daughter: New clothes(:

mother: You cannot go outside like that! You must wear this traditional clothing!

daughter: No, mom... that's not cool.

mother: I do not care! you must wear it!

daughter: ugh. whatever.



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India Wiki Scoring Rubric


_____ (3)  Original title.  First name, last initial and section right below title

_____ (7) Introductory paragraph develops contrast and/or conflict, explains reasons for topic choice

_____ (4)  At least 2 large quality images, (high resolution), URL cited

_____ (8) Visual images with captions,  captures “tug of war”

_____ (8) “Mock dialogue” between characters/persons representing both sides in the tradition vs. modernity tug of war.  Be imaginative and creative.

______ 30 pts.



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