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Socialism in India 

           India the center of attention in Southeast Asia. With many attractions being expanded and growing every day. One aspect of Indian culture that is also slowly increasing is socialism in India. Every aspect of daily life in India revolves around it, whether if they're at their work place or even if they are just walking around, there is always something in their mind that separates them   from the rest of the world. There are divisions involved in the Indian culture, divisions that separate people from the rights that should be allowed to anyone and everyone around India, but that's not how it works.





Social Division in India: the caste system

Brahmans: The highest class in India with the right to do anything normally are considered to be the (Priest)
     Kshatriyas: This is the second highest class almost considered to be the same place as the Brahmins ( ruler, warrior, landowner)

     Vaisyas: This is the third class down and is considered to be the merchant or (common man class)

     Shudras: This is only one class above from the worst class that can be granted to you (Artisans and Agriculturist) 

     Untouchables: This is the worst caste that you can be considered to be on these are the people that are pitied upon the most even the sight of these people disgusts some and they have no respect or place in the society of India. (Untouchables)




Marriages in India

     A major controversy that has been growing to be a problem over the last decade is the concept of arranged marriage. In the Indian culture and religion, dating and any premarital contact is frowned upon. The deeply conservative society of India still keeps to the tradition of not marrying in the lower caste. With globalization and India’s growing economy, this tradition has fallen apart in modern India. With the newly introduced idea of dating, the youth in India has started adapting into what Indians call as the “American culture”. In some parts of India westernization is so common that it the caste system doesn't matter anymore and they can marry whoever they desire. Under these circumstances it is called a "love marriage". These are extremely rare in most parts of India because mostly underneath the circumstances it is an arranged marriage, half the time the two "lovers" aren't even allowed to see each other until their actual wedding day, and divorce in India is not very common, it is something that is "frowned upon" in the tradition and culture of India.





     Games like, Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Playing Cards, Polo, the martial arts of Judo and Karate had originated in India and it was from here that these games were transmitted to foreign countries, where they were further developed. Now the national sport that India follows is cricket it is the thing that unites all of India together as one, because recently India has just won the 2011 international cricket council world cup and people for all around the nation the all the Indians rejoiced and came together to as one to support the team that brought their country to the finals. Also more of the modern sports are tennis, field hockey, and badminton. India has very great diversity in its sports just like other country, but whatever India excels at they always come out on top.





The role of Women

For a long period of time, the role of women in India has been to cook, clean and raise their families. However, because of globalization and more and more women entering the work force, the role of women in India society is constantly changing. The modern Indian women has to juggle everything; her job, the kids, the in-laws, the husband. In ancient India, women were a burden to their parents and their husbands family. They were thought of as useless because they were not able to do the same things as men. For example, women were not allowed in war, the workforce or own property. Sometimes, women were not even allowed out of the house without their husbands' permission.  Now, it seems that men are more dependent on women for everything else! Woman are in high political, business, medical and engineering positions.



Fashion in India



          Traditional clothing                                                                 Modern Clothing








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